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No High-Tech Experience Required – We are passionate about empowering individuals– teachers, entrepreneurs, business owners– of all skill levels & abilities. Your safe place to learn applied digital skills is here. You’ve got the technology; we empower you to use it for everyday functions!  It’s time to develop digital confidence through action.

Waddell Instructional Design and Training LLC

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Learning to demonstrate how to apply technology to improve your personal or business efficiency & productivity on Mac/PC computer, iOS/Android smartphones or with specific software programs or web-based applications all start with an appointment.

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Kecia Waddell, Ph.D. brings over 25 years of patient integrated instructional design, technology, education to you. She empowers clients to go beyond mere operational use of tech tools.

Dr. Waddell teaches you how to leverage technology to gain access to education, information, resources, and networks of people that support your goals for growth.

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