Kwanzaa Cooperative Economics Event

You’re not a success when your business takes off, you’re a success each day you strive diligently toward the vision, without giving up.

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If you are walking with employee minded people then you will most likely be an employee FOR LIFE…and to some degree there’s nothing wrong with that. However, when a world-changing entrepreneur is IN YOU ready to break out into the marketplace… IT’S A SIN for you to fail to live out your purpose! Yep, I went there… To sin is to miss the mark. Realize YOUR PURPOSE isn’t just about you and yours alone. OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOUR UNIQUE GIFTS AND TALENTS!! Become a world changer! The great news is that it’s up to you. JUST START… Dr. Kecia and Nurse Felicia understand the challenges of mind, body, and life. We are educated, we are mid-aged, we have good-sense…and we want a greater impact for ourselves and for others. We want to support your goals. If you choose the path, God will order your steps… YOU HAVE FOUND YOURSELF HERE, RIGHT?

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