In the year of our Lord 2020…the Fourth Industrial Revolution has Come

Expect transformation and disruption of all of our jobs and lives over the next 10 years. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) or “Industry 4.0 is a name given to the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing.” (Wikipedia) Are YOU embracing change? Reimaging your place in it or rather feeling overwhelmed by it? Any problems you see with technology consider them as opportunity gaps to mitigate. Get in EARLY to capitalize on mass adoption that is sure to come… Impact the system early on. Sound the alarm even… start the conversation.
See the possibilities!

We’d all benefit from upskilling to secure our own futures. You are NEVER too young or too old to learn something NEW.

WID&T is here to support your digital skill growth and development.


Multiple Streams Masterclass Tech Support by Dr. Kecia

Nursing professionals with tremendous business ideas, products and services were empowered in their individual entrepreneurial pursuits through the dynamic and actionable information shared in the Multiple Streams Master Class hosted by Felicia of the Dr. Kecia Nurse Felicia collaboration. Mindsets were renewed, new businesses were launched, and everyone was profoundly moved to action. Dr. Kecia Waddell has able to demonstrate her ability to transform ideas into marketable products and services that reflected the brand and professionalism each entrepreneur meant to portray.

Kwanzaa Cooperative Economics Event

You’re not a success when your business takes off, you’re a success each day you strive diligently toward the vision, without giving up.

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If you are walking with employee minded people then you will most likely be an employee FOR LIFE…and to some degree there’s nothing wrong with that. However, when a world-changing entrepreneur is IN YOU ready to break out into the marketplace… IT’S A SIN for you to fail to live out your purpose! Yep, I went there… To sin is to miss the mark. Realize YOUR PURPOSE isn’t just about you and yours alone. OUR COMMUNITY NEEDS YOUR UNIQUE GIFTS AND TALENTS!! Become a world changer! The great news is that it’s up to you. JUST START… Dr. Kecia and Nurse Felicia understand the challenges of mind, body, and life. We are educated, we are mid-aged, we have good-sense…and we want a greater impact for ourselves and for others. We want to support your goals. If you choose the path, God will order your steps… YOU HAVE FOUND YOURSELF HERE, RIGHT?

2018 Community Digital Skill Training

Waddell Instructional Design and Training will prepare you for today’s evolving job market by building your skills to solve practical problems using Google’s suite of applications. Quick and easy online REGISTRATION is OPEN NOW: check out our 3 courses!

~ From yard sales to family reunions, fundraisers to large-scale conferences, gain the skills you need to plan an event of your choosing. Learn skills you can apply in the workplace such as sharing and collaborating on a digital document or using a spreadsheet to manage tasks to completion. You’ll learn how to use free tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Gmail, Drawings, and Sites.  LEARN MORE>>

~ Use G Suite tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Gmail to help you search for job opportunities, write a resume, and practice interviewing. After this unit, you will have created a personal job guide, set up email alerts for new job listings in your desired area, and crafted a stand-out resume. The digital skills you learn in this unit will be useful in the workplace too. LEARN MORE>>

All levels of ability and technology experience welcome!!UCS Community Ed 2017-18

~ Eager learners with low or NO prior computer skills!  Learn mouse, keyboard & trackpad control, how to connect to the internet, keyword search, and explore online tools and services that will empower your independence using digital devices.  All tech struggles meet patient support in this class.  You will dazzle your friends & surprise yourself with all the practical things you will be able to do & create with your new digital skills.  Bring your own device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) for the third session.  LEARN MORE>>


Educational Technology

Lifelong learning is essential to personal and professional growth in our fast paced digital society.  Effective educators are expected to grow and develop professionally by seeking to enhance their own content knowledge and pedagogical skill.  We, educators, only strengthen our service to our learners and the profession when we do so. How are you continuing your education to increase your value as an educator?

Bespoke digital literacy support is at hand by appointment  to support the unique circumstances of educators as the learner of digital literacy skills. Waddell Instructional Design and Training is the TEACHER’S SAFE SPACE to take risks in learning how to leverage technology for increased productivity and transformative teaching and learning experiences.

Ring-the-bell school’s in for YOU, teacher!

Let’s go to work…

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All levels of ability and technology experience are ALWAYS welcome here.

Until the Waddell Instructional Design and Training Mobile Digital Literacy Lab is reality, we commit to impact the lives of those we serve: day by day, person-to-person; and group by group! WID&amp;T Mobile DL Lab - Copy

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